Auto Insurance

Driving without auto insurance is illegal in most states. If it is not mandatory, auto liability insurance is still a good idea. Liability and collision insurance protects you in case you have an accident. The insurance company will repair damages to your vehicle or the other vehicle in the accident. They might even replace the vehicles up to a specific amount.

Your insurance policy should have everything you need to know about your coverage. This includes your deductible and payout limits. There are two types of auto insurance – liability and comprehensive.

Liability is basic coverage. It is usually the minimum requirement to operate a vehicle. Liability covers the driver of a vehicle in case they are at fault. It does basic things like pay for repairs. Comprehensive offers detailed coverage. Comprehensive coverage can replace a car, regardless of who is at fault. The coverage can also pay for personal items that are stolen or damaged.

The policyholder can always increase their coverage limit. It will cost more, but the policyholder will have peace of mind with extra protection. Some insurance companies offer medical coverage, which reimburses for hospital expenses. If there is a rental car clause, then the insurance will help with temporary transportation until after car repairs or until the policyholder purchases a new car.

Depending on your policy, you might even have protection while traveling in another state. If you face a lawsuit because you caused an accident, then your policy can help as well – depending on the specifics of your coverage.

Some insurance companies offer incentives to get more customers. A popular tactic is to reduce the deductible if no accidents occur during a specific period. Safe drivers often receive discounts, and some states even require insurance companies to provide safe driving discounts.

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