Cancer Insurance

Hearing that you have cancer is scary. Doctors say those words on a daily basis, as more cases of cancer are diagnosed every single day. With such a life changing event comes medical expenses insurance might not completely cover. Cancer insurance is sometimes available as part of a job benefits package. It may even be a regular part of an employer’s healthcare package.

Cancer policies usually fall into two categories. A policy might offer a lump payment at the time of diagnosis. Another policy might pay a sum over a period of cancer treatments. If the payments are multiple, then there is a termination after a certain period. Cancer insurance is to help pay for out-of-pocket treatment costs, including travel to and from treatment facilities and in-home care.

A person with a family history of cancer, or a person who is high-risk, should ask their employer about cancer insurance. It is important to note that a person who already has, or had, cancer will likely not be able to apply for this insurance.