About Us

Jon Emerald Agency Team

We’re Texans that live and work right here in your communities. We’re just like you. We’re members of the PTA and coach kid’s sports teams. We are active in local activities and we understand the issues and opportunities available in our local communities. Through the years, we’ve come to know many local families and developed many relationships. This local connection has helped us better understand the needs of our clients.

Portfolio of Products
(Risk Management Tools)

One of the things we like best about working with the carriers we have assembled is the variety of products and services we can offer our customers. From all of the products a typical consumer needs (home, auto, boat, ATV, etc.,) to all financial services products and tools (retirement, savings, long term care, disability, etc.,) to business insurance (liability, building, auto) to workplace and individual benefits (accident, critical illness, cancer, disability, life) for both group and individuals.

We recognize that people prefer to work with one agency for all of their insurance needs. We like having such a robust portfolio of quality products available to use when helping our clients protect their assets, property, net worth and lives.

Awards and Recognitions

Our agency has been very fortunate to have assembled the quality of agents, office managers and support staff we have brought together as the Jon Emerald Agency Team. We’ve been recognized numerous times at the local, regional and national level as one of the very best Allstate agencies in the country.

Although awards like ‘Agency of the Year’ recognition is flattering and appreciated, it pales in comparison to the only award we continually aspire to receive; your referrals of us to others. Your referrals and continued business are the ultimate compliment and the most prestigious recognition we seek. Your referral of our agency to your family, friends and co-workers is so appreciated by us all. We hope that you’re so passionate about the service we provide that you’ll recommend us to acquaintances and people you have just met too!